From Google to Checkout

We firmly believe that SEO is not just about getting to the top of search results.
Our team helps you attract qualified traffic, keep those visitors engaged and convert them into paying customers by blending the best of SEO, Content Marketing, Classic Rhetoric and Conversion Optimization into a unique blend we call Growth Intelligence.

growth intelligence marketing

Focus on  your growth

Our primary focus is on building a marketing solution that is data-driven, measurable, scalable and where we can work continuously to optimise the entire customer journey from Google to check out.

We assist with the development of the architecture, the operational implementation of all or part of the value chain, and the coordination of marketing resources and other agencies where necessary.

We provide advice and services on consulting & services in 

  • Organic search (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC)
  • Conversion Optimisation (CRO)
  • Social media advertising
  • Content Strategies / Content Marketing

Meet John Cooley

I'll typically be the first person you meet when you contact us, and I'll follow you throughout the project, so you're always talking to someone who knows your situation.

I've worked in digital sales and marketing since 2000 and focused on SEO and conversion optimisation since 2006

I have Asperger's, which has given me advantages and strengths regarding analytical work and overview of complex data sets such as search engine optimisation. I even joke that I was born with the cheat codes for SEO - which, of course, I'm happy to apply to your website.

 Meet the rest of Cooley Digital here


John is extremely talented and can deliver better results in SEO, SEM and link building than most agencies. His work on sjællandsvestkyst.dk ensured record growth in online visitors, and resulted in the site becoming one of the most effective in the country.


I have had the pleasure of working with John on a number of advertisers. He is a true SEO master and very professional in his role as advisor.

Anders Elley , CEO hos DENSOU

Selected case studies

  • 500+ % increase in national traffic
    increase in global traffic
  • 400% increase in organic traffic
    higher visibility
  • 253% more keywords in Top3
  • Organic traffic doubled

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